Yards Park
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Whether you are coming for a special event or just to relax, the Yards Park has something for everyone!  Built as a series of outdoor "rooms," the Yards Park features unique spaces including the 11" deep Canal for children to play in, the peaceful River Street Gardens with wooden chaise lounge chairs and the raised overlook with incredible river views. 

Easily accessible by Metro (Navy Yard), Circulator, Bikeshare or off I-395, the Yards Park is also a part of the Riverwalk Trail System connecting the park via bridge to Diamond Teague Park, behind Nationals Ballpark. 

What People are Saying about the Yards Park

"I love it!  It has become one of my favorite spaces in DC!  The Friday night concerts are amazing."

"Great place to relax during the summer!"

"My husband and I love the park.  We moved to the neighborhood knowing a park was being developed and were excited for it.  We walk to the park, read in the park, picnic in the park, wade in the water/get soaked by the waterfall, etc. We love it all!"

"I love the park.  I not only walk there for exercise but I also take a packed lunch and read a book there.  I really love the park!"

"Love the experience on the water!"

"A great asset to DC!"

"I love enjoying my lunch at the tables by the water."